21,000 Fish Die in UC Davis Facility

The University of California, Davis announced the death of 21,000 fish at its Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture.

The deaths appear to be due to chlorine exposure, to which fish are especially sensitive. The fish were green and white sturgeon, as well as endangered Chinook salmon. Davis is studying ways to help the fish.

“There are many other facilities where UC Davis conducts aquatic research that were not impacted by this situation. While many of these facilities do not have similar potential for chlorine exposure, there are some that do, and we are going to evaluate risk at those facilities,” said a statement by the university. “We know that many researchers, regulatory agencies, Native American tribes and other partners trust us to care for their aquatic species.  We will work hard to earn that trust by conducting a thorough review of our facilities, holding ourselves accountable for what happened, and taking steps to prevent it from happening ever again. We share the grief of the faculty, staff and students who worked to care for, study and conserve these animals.”

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21,000 Fish Die in UC Davis Facility
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