3D Art Fundamentals and Concepts for Complete Beginners

3D Art Fundamentals and Concepts for Complete Beginners

This introductory course is for you if 3D art scares or confuses you.

What you’ll learn

3D Art Fundamentals and Concepts for Complete Beginners

  • Basic concepts in 3D art and working knowledge of 3D terminology
  • Understand which applications work best in 3D.
  • Leave with the assurance that you can make your own 3D route choices.


  • No prior knowledge is necessary.


This 3D course is intended for people who have attempted to study 3D in the past but were frightened by the terminology or felt lost.

Anyone interested in learning more about 3D who is a graphic designer, a 2D artist, or just plain inquisitive is welcome to enroll in this course. You may successfully complete your first 3D course with the help of this course. Many of the terms and the fundamental ideas of how everything fits together in 3D will be clear to you. This is an introduction to some of the fundamental ideas of 3D and 3D art, rather than a comprehensive course on each piece of software.

Because 3D is built on geometry and arithmetic, it may be incredibly difficult to navigate your way through 3D art. Geometry and algebra are hard, so it’s possible that 3D art is harder to get into than 2D art.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll know the basics of the most common 3D concepts, like materials, shaders, polygons, and other things that may have confused you before.

This course will be ideal for you even if you have never used 3D previously because you thought it was too difficult or the user interfaces were too frightening.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who have previously tried to study 3D.
  • Everyone who is interested in 3D but finds 2D art to be incredibly complicated and wants to try it.

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