A complete JavaScript course for learning game development

A complete JavaScript course for learning game development

Create your 2D animated games.

What you’ll learn

A complete JavaScript course for learning game development

  • Create 2D games using just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without the need for frameworks or libraries.
  • Use the HTML canvas element to experiment with online animation methods.
  • Put Object-Oriented Programming to use.
  • In a real-world project, you will learn how to use five basic 2D game creation approaches.


  • You must have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to complete this course. 
    Access to a web browser and a code editor


Games should be thrilling, loaded with unusual features, and full of surprises! Let me walk you through my creative process step by step and demonstrate how I create distinctive gaming environments for players to have adventures in. As we develop the code, I will explain each line in detail. Let’s create a game using object-oriented programming, HTML, CSS, and standard JavaScript. Because we want a thorough grasp of how things operate on a mechanical level, there won’t be any frameworks or libraries.

In this 2D side-scrolling game with a steampunk atmosphere, let’s investigate a distant planet and its mechanical life forms. We will discover how to use:

  1. Flash animation
  2. Backgrounds with parallax
  3. Collisions
  4. Power-ups
  5. Many adversaries kinds that change the game’s dynamics
  6. Plus several other aspects of 2D game production.

Come learn with me about how to integrate distinctive game elements that will make your project stand out if you are a novice front-end web developer interested in game development, creative coding, and web animation. Have a wonderful time!

(I’m including several free game art assets for characters, settings, and objects in this lesson. I made them or I paid artists to make them. No copyright exists. You are welcome to use them for any of your projects.

Who this course is for:

  • Animation and 2D games intrigue new front-end, web developers.
  • Students who code

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