ASP.NET Core Web API and .NET 6 Minimal API Development Course

ASP.NET Core Web API and .NET 6 Minimal API Development Course

Learn how to develop ASP.NET Core web APIs using .NET 6 and the following technologies: Auth0, JWT, DTO, and AutoMapper.

What you’ll learn

ASP.NET Core Web API and .NET 6 Minimal API Development Course

  • Using.NET 6’s Controllers for Web API Development
  • Creating a model class that includes validation.
  • The Data Access Layer/Logic is implemented Using the Entity Framework Core
  • To perform CRUD operations, we developed a generic synchronized repository pattern.
  • Use of Custom Credentials for Authentication
  • Authorization and Authentication Using JWT
  • Authorization Based on Roles Grant and Revocation of Permission
  • What, Why, and How to Use Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) with AutoMapper
  • Using the Postman Angular application for Web API testing, test the Web API.
  • Using a React JS application, test web APIs.
  • To execute CRUD operations, we are developing a generic asynchronous repository pattern.
  • Understanding the Minimal API for.NET 6
  • CURD operations are performed using a minimal API and the asynchronous repository pattern to perform CURD operations.
  • An Overview of Auth0 Security
  • Create an access token using the Auth0 Dashboard while working.
  • Using Auth0 to Secure Minimal API Endpoints Extra Material Access Information


  • C# Language Fundamentals, OOP concepts, class development, generics in.NET, creating class libraries, etc. are a few examples.
  • Entity Framework Core or its foundations, as well as Code First Modeling
  • A basic understanding of the MVC architectural pattern, such as Controller and Model
  • basic understanding of security ideas like What exactly are authorization and authentication?


It’s a difficult task to share data with authentication and authorization across many platforms and devices. In an organization, developers create solutions using various technologies, libraries, frameworks, etc. We might consider the ASP.NET Core Web API, along with authentication, authorization, and many other capabilities that we can utilize while developing our apps, to share the data with all of these platforms and devices.

In this course, we’ll design an ASP.NET Core Web API project using a controller-based API and a basic API, both of which were included in.NET 6. We’ll also look at using Auth0 security and an Access Token to protect Minimal API. Let’s also look at how to include Auto Mappers and DTOs in our application. This will be a fully practical course in which we will build our API using various examples. During the development of the ASP.NET Core Web API.

Who this course is for:

  • .NET developers who are familiar with the ASP.NET MVC design pattern and developers who want to learn about developing Web APIs
  • Developers who want to exchange data across multiple platforms using authentication and authorization [JWT/Auth0/Role Based Authorization].
  • .NET 6 developers that want to master the fundamental API
  • Developers who want to use controller-based or microservices to integrate CRUD operations with authentication and authorization.

ASP.NET Core Web API and .NET 6 Minimal API Development Course


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