Build a Smartphone E-commerce Website with Node JS

Build a Smartphone E-commerce Website with Node JS

Learn how to create a Smartphone E-commerce Website using Node From Scratch.

What you’ll learn

Build a Smartphone E-commerce Website with Node JS

Create an e-commerce website for electronics using Node JS.
Configuring the Node environment
Developing the user interface
What is the best way to create a database?
How to get several product kinds from a database
How to add items to the shopping cart
Learn how can I delete items from my shopping cart?
How to change the quantity of items a consumer wishes to order.
How to place an order and pay for it.
Learn how to use PayPal as a payment system
How to accept PayPal payments from customers
Payment Verification
How to show order and receipt information
And there’s a lot more…


excellent grasp of Javascript.
Internet accessibility


These classes will show you how to use Node JS to build an electronics e-commerce website.

This course will teach you how to use Node JS to create an electronics e-commerce website. Learning how to create an e-commerce website that allows clients to place orders will allow you to work on a real-world, in-demand project while also preparing you to become a professional Full-Stack developer.

You’ll learn how to set up the Node environment first, and then how to combine an HTML and CSS template. The most significant aspects of this project, such as constructing a cart and allowing consumers to check out, will then be explained to you. Following that, you’ll learn how to include the Paypal payment system so that clients may pay you.

You’ll also learn how to properly connect to PayPal so that you can be paid for your meals. One of the most powerful payment platforms is PayPal. By incorporating PayPal into your Node website, you will gain a valuable skill that is now required for any website.

By the end of this course, you will have made a Node project that lets customers order meals online while you still run the business and website.

Why should you join this class?

There are several reasons why this training is important.

You will construct a real-world web app rather than an artificial project.
Instead of teaching you ideas that you will eventually discard, I will teach you “how to.”
You’ll learn HTML, CSS, Node, and MySQL, as well as how to combine them.
You will study Full-Stack development and become a professional after constructing a comprehensive e-commerce website.

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Some of the topics covered in this course include:

Create a project after installing the project environment.
The Node project files must be run.
Construct your project.
How to include a full HTML and CSS electronics template.
The reason for creating a fully functional e-commerce website
How to allow consumers to add items to their shopping cart.
Learn how to allow clients to place orders and pay for them.
How to use Paypal as a payment system.
How to Keep Your Database Organized
methods and best practices.
Organize your tasks.
There is much more…

I wish you a fantastic learning experience.

Who this course is for:

Web designers.
Developers of NodeJS.

Build a Smartphone E-commerce Website with Node JS


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