Build A TodoList Fast with Ruby on Rails and React

Build A TodoList Fast with Ruby on Rails and React Free Course Site

Learn to build a Full Stack Ruby on Rails and React Application in No Time

What you’ll learn

With Ruby on Rails and React, you can quickly create a todo list.

Get a Basic Understanding of Ruby on Rails APIs
Discover the Fundamentals of React CRUD App Development
How to make a full-featured to-do list application
Learn how to use the ORM (Object Relational Mapping) with Ruby on Rails.
Learn how to use React to ingest JSON.


Understand Basic Ruby
Understand Basic Database Design and have Postgres Installed


This course is for you if you’re bored of extensive courses and just want to learn fundamental web development. The purpose of this course is to teach students how to use Ruby on Rails with React. It focuses on creating a RESTful Web Service with CRUD capabilities that send data to a React Front End Application on the backend. This is an introductory course that focuses on developing and reinforcing some of the approaches that developers use to create a full-stack application.

We’ll start by learning about the tools you’ll need to build a full-stack website. It is suggested that you have prior experience with Javascript, Ruby, Basic SQL, or ORM development before taking this course. If not, we’ll touch on some of those subjects early in the course, but having a greater grasp is still advised.

You may come across themes that you are familiar with well as those that are completely new to you as you progress through this course.

The following are some of the themes that were discussed.

Hooks in React
Functional React Components
Fetching HTTP Requests
CRUD Procedures
Rails is a Ruby on Rails framework.
Migrations of databases

Please know that you can take your time while taking this course because you will have access to support along the way. You should be able to create a full-stack web application with React and Ruby on Rails by the end of this course.

Who this course is for:

This course is designed for web developers who are new to the field and have a basic understanding of web applications.

Last updated 10/2021


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