Creating Desktop Applications with Python – Free Udemy Courses

Creating Desktop Applications with Python – Free Udemy Courses

Learn to create desktop applications using a python framework called Tkinter.

What you’ll learn

Creating Desktop Applications with Python – Free Udemy Courses

  • Students in this course will learn the fundamentals of python programming which will give them a base to attend part 2 of the course which teaches how to create applications with a GUI (Graphical User Interface)


  • Students for this course will not require any prerequisites however they will require access to a computer.


Most students who learn to program only learn the basics of programming languages and never build up their skills to a level that can be useful for projects. This course gives students who have a foundation in programming with python an opportunity to expand their skill set with the ability to create desktop applications with a Graphical User Interface.

This course follows the philosophy that students must learn concepts, apply their knowledge, and create a useful product to master a skill. This is applied in the course by first explaining all required concepts such as geometry managers, widgets, and variables, and then working on a final project. The final project is a food ordering system for a restaurant. Additionally, there are quizzes after each concept is explained to ensure that students have ample opportunities to check if they have grasped the concepts. There are also additional opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in the form of coding exercises and assignments.

The course has 4 sections:

– Introduction

– Layouts and Geometry Managers

– Widgets and Variables

– Final Project

The knowledge gained in this course will allow students to create desktop applications that can easily be distributed in the form of an exe file for windows, or a dmg file for macs.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have an interest in programming need a place to start.”>Udemy Free Courses

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