DevOps Projects | 20 Real Time DevOps Projects

DevOps Projects | 20 Real Time DevOps Projects

Master Your DevOps Skills with Real challenge

What you’ll learn

DevOps Projects | 20 Real Time DevOps Projects

Gain expertise in DevOps projects setup, from scratch.
Learn how to build complete DevOps Lifecycle.
Understand highly complex CICD pipelines
Master your automation skills
Use cutting edge technologies of the IT Industry.
Learn real time scenarios to gain confidence for the Interview questions.
Present yourself with confidence in the project meetings.
Gain confidence in your DevOps skills.
Develop a problem solving mind set.


Knowledge in Linux, Networking Fundamentals, AWS, Ansible, Jenkins are must.

DevOps course Description

Ever wondered about DevOps Projects in Real Time?

Wanted some hands on experience in those projects?

Wished you create Continuous Delivery pipelines and automation frameworks for the IT organizations?

That sounds Impossible without getting into the PROJECTS in Real Time.

But not Anymore!!

Visualpath has created finest of DevOps project tutorials.

You can watch & Practice these DevOps projects all by yourself.


1. Answer Interview questions about Real time scenarios.

2. Present yourselves with confidence in the project meetings.

3. Deliver end to end automation solutions in DevOps Projects.

Who this course is for:

DevOps Engineers, Sys Admins with automation Knowledge, Developers with Linux & AWS knowledge.
Anyone who has done any DevOps course and has good grip on Linux, Ansible, Jenkins and AWS
Last updated 9/2021


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