End to End Automation using Python | Web Application & API

End to End Automation using Python | Web Application & API

Automate manual tasks with Python, web automation with Selenium Python, API automation with Request, and real-time project management

What you’ll learn

End to End Automation using Python | Web Application & API

Expert-level knowledge combined with hands-on Python experience for real-time implementation.
Python is ready to be used in real-time project activities (manual or automated).
A thorough understanding of Python and how to apply it to various automation tasks.
Prepare for Automation Testing Python programming interviews.
With best practices, you’ll be able to write Selenium Automation Scripts on your own.


Basic knowledge of the Windows operating system.
It’s beneficial to have a working knowledge of manual testing, processes, and functional and regression testing.
Prepare to devote at least 30 minutes per day to practice and idea execution.


— Recent Updates —

Oct 2021: Updated Python videos with improved Sound Quality.

Dec 2020:  Added videos for Web Scrapping.

Jun 2020: Added Videos for API Response Validation.

This is an end-to-end course to Utilize Python for automating our daily Manual Tasks and Application.


This course requires the installation of Python and other tools libraries.
Learn the fundamentals of Python, such as condition handling, looping, and string handling.
Data Types That Are Common (List, Tuple, Dictionary).
What is the best way to work with classes and functions?
File Handling, Excel Handling, and Exception Handling are advanced Python concepts.
Inheritance and Overriding in OOPS Programming
Working with a CSV file and handling JSON.
Here, we’ll write code that adheres to all industry standards and best practices.
Various practice exercises and quizzes are used to assess our understanding on a regular basis.
When needed, assist with Q&A support.
Make use of as many useful Python packages and libraries as possible.

Project Coverage in Real Time:

1st Project:

– web scraping: navigate to several pages on a website, collect data, and save it for further analysis

2nd Project:

– API Testing: This is the most significant topic since REST API Testing is in high demand; we will learn how to do API Testing with Python programming.

3rd Project:

– Web Automation Fundamentals: As we all know, web applications can be automated. In this lesson, we’ll learn how to automate web apps using Selenium and Python.

4th Project:

– Test Data Generation: This is a test data generation tool that we will create for manual testing.

Who this course is for:

Python Automation Provides an Opportunity for Manual Testers.
Professionals are interested in learning the Python scripting language.
Looking for a job in Automation Testing as a fresher.
Anyone interested in pursuing a career in Python Automation.

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