Enhance your Immunity by natural means. – Free Udemy Courses

Enhance your Immunity by natural means. – Free Udemy Courses

How to increase your immunity by making simple changes and learning from one’s experiences.

What you’ll learn

Enhance your Immunity by natural means. – Free Udemy Courses

  • Importance of enhancing Immunity to fight against Diseases and Infections
  • Understanding of Immunity.
  • Factors Impacting Immunity.
  • Practical Steps to enhance Immunity.


  • Anyone who has a strong desire to enhance Immunity can take this course.


Most of us have realized the importance of immunity in our lives especially after Covid hit the entire world. It was difficult to understand some of the could come out easily and some of them suffered a lot. During my discussions with my students and teachers, I got some insights and I wish to share whatever I found useful in this course. These things may look very simple and most of us know. The key lies in the application of knowledge rather than just knowing about them. Another crucial aspect of these aspects lies in the consistency of practice rather than the intensity of practice.

Everyone knows the importance of proper food, sleep, proper digestion, good bowel habits, and regular exercise will go a long way in enhancing Immunity. But the question is how many of us think of taking action and implementing it consistently. I wish to reinforce these habits with the help of my course. I have dedicated on the module to Breathing Techniques when the mind is united with the breath flowing all the time, we will naturally be able to focus the mind on the present moment and by take the right actions which would lead to the right results.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to enhance immunity.

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