Explore the world of digital circuit design with Proteus Software

Explore the world of digital circuit design with Proteus Software

Proteus Software teaches digital electronics and circuit simulation. E&E, robotic, and biomedical engineers should find this useful.

What you’ll learn

Explore the world of digital circuit design with Proteus Software

  • The fundamental operation of BJTs and diodes
  • Electronics’ Differences Between Analog and Digital
  • What are logic gates, and what varieties of gates are there?
  • cutting down on logic gates.
  • systems of numbers.


  • basic knowledge of modern electrical principles, or you may sign up for my first course.
  • You may join my third and fourth classes if you want to learn more in-depth about components like diodes, capacitors, and BJTs.


The following ideas are necessary for this course, so I hope you have a basic knowledge of them before joining.

1) Fundamental Concepts of Current Electricity

2) What are semiconductors exactly, and what role do they play in electronics?

3) In-depth knowledge of transistors, particularly BJTs, and other electronic components

If none of these ideas are familiar to you, you might want to take one of my four previous classes where I went into detail about all of them.

The primary goal of this course is to explain the principles of digital electronics. In this course, you will study the following subjects:

The logic gate

Methods of Minimization

A System of Numbers

Now, you might believe that these are simple subjects that can be finished in three to four hours. Nevertheless, because you are studying with me, you can expect to acquire some original ideas and strategies. To give you an idea of what this course can teach, let me say that only these three subjects will take more than seven hours to cover.

With the help of the Proteus and Thinker Can software, you will not only conceptually study the ideas but actually apply them.

The result of the course:

1) A brief review of basic analog electronics concepts (such as diodes and BJTs).

2) Understanding Logic Gate Design

3) researching different logic gates and putting them into the software for the Proteus and Thinker Can.

Students will be able to minimize any logical statement with three variables.

5) Examination of the numerical system

Who this course is for:

  • This book is helpful for anybody who wants to study the principles of digital electronics.
  • We recommend it for individuals who wish to start learning Arduino.

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