Explosion at Northeastern Is Being Investigated

A bomb exploded in a package that had been delivered to Northeastern University Tuesday night, The New York Times reported. One employee, a 45-year-old man, was hospitalized with a minor hand injury.

The university canceled classes in six buildings near the explosion Tuesday night.

At 11:28 Tuesday night, the university said, “The Boston Police Department’s Bomb Squad, Boston Emergency Management Services, and other law enforcement agencies are at the scene investigating. The building was evacuated and evening classes in nearby buildings were canceled on the Boston campus. Several notifications were sent to the campus community urging people to avoid the area. The scene is currently contained and the campus is secured. NUPD is increasing patrols and security across the campus. At this time, we expect the campus to be open and fully operational tomorrow.”

But the Associated Press reported Wednesday that federal officials “are examining whether the employee who reported an explosion at Northeastern University may have lied to investigators and staged the incident.” The AP added that “investigators identified inconsistencies in the employee’s statement and became skeptical because his injuries did not match wounds typically consistent with an explosion.”

This year has seen numerous bomb threats against historically Black colleges and other institutions.

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