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Golang for Beginners

With hands-on labs, you can learn the Go language.

What you’ll learn

Golang for Beginners

Golang is a programming language that you can use to make apps.
The source codes of Open Source applications written in Golang can be read and made sense of.
In our labs, you can get real-world experience by working on difficult coding problems.
In our lectures, we use animations to help students learn about concepts.
Instant feedback on your programs can be found in our lab exercises.


Programming skills are not required. Everything you need to know will be learned.
There is no need to install any software.
A curious mind that is willing to learn new things:)


To learn new skills is important, but to learn the right skills is even better.

Why use Golang? But over the last three years, Golang has been the most popular programming language to learn. It is also one of the most popular programming languages of the last 3 years or so.

There are many reasons why people like it, but the main one is because it’s the language of real programmers. They built it because they thought it would make their jobs a lot easier. And it does just that.

People who work for or with Google use Go or Golang, which is a computer programming language. It is a language that is free and open source. Easy to learn, it can grow, and it runs quickly.

This class is for people who have no experience with programming or coding. Follow our simple-to-understand curriculum, and you’ll be done in no time with our help!

This class won’t just give you a lot of information to read and think about, though. You should be able to remember what you learn. After each module, you’ll be able to use practice questions to make sure you understand the things we teach you.

You can also use our hands-on labs. In your browser, you don’t have to set up a lab. We check your work and give you feedback right away.

If you want to be a good DevOps worker, you’ll get a lot of practice in our hands-on labs.

Who this course is for:

The first-time programmers.
The newbies in the Golang language
Anyone who wants to learn the most popular programming language of the last few years can take this class.


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