Google Cloud Anthos 101 – Free Udemy Courses

Google Cloud Anthos 101 – Free Udemy Courses

Google Cloud Anthos 101 – Hybrid and MultI-Cloud platform – Overview, Architecture, and Deployment Models

What you’ll learn

Google Cloud Anthos 101 – Free Udemy Courses

  • Understand the various cloud deployment models – Hybrid Cloud, Edge Cloud, and Multi-Cloud
  • Learn what is Google Anthos and its architecture
  • Learn Google Anthos Core Capabilities – Anthos Service Mesh, Anthos Config Management
  • Learn about Google Anthos Deployment Options
  • Learn about Google Anthos Clusters on Bare Metal


  • Knowledge about Cloud Fundamentals
  • Knowledge about Virtualization


Cloud computing kept the business and remote workforces connected during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As we move into 2021, every organization would eventually adopt cloud models and existing cloud businesses would look at ways to streamline their processes for better business continuity.

Broadly, in addition to the standard single cloud deployment model, there are 3 kinds of cloud models we are talking about – multi-cloud deployment, hybrid cloud deployment, and cloud on the edge.

As organizations start to transition toward these cloud models, the following challenges arise –

  • How to create cloud applications that can be deployed anywhere.
  • How to deploy and manage cloud applications in a consistent way across these environments.
  • How to modernize existing on-prem applications leveraging the existing virtualized infrastructure.
  • How to extend single cloud deployment to support multi-cloud deployments.
  • How to provide consistent compliance and security across environments.
  • How to provide the same consistent tooling for continuous deployment and continuous integration across environments.

To address the above challenges consistently, we need a platform that enables organizations to build cloud applications that can be deployed anywhere – multi-cloud, hybrid, or cloud on the edge.

In this video series, you would learn about Google Anthos, its architecture, and its key components.

Understand hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud cloud environments and be Google Anthos ready with these video lectures.

Who this course is for:

  • Cloud professionals wanted to understand Google Anthos
  • Cloud professionals wanted to build Multi-Cloud, Edge, and Hybrid Cloud applications”>Udemy Free Courses

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