High School Students Optimistic About the Future

Current high school students are optimistic about their chances of experiencing future life outcomes, including having a well-paying career, owning a home and enjoying good health, according to a new report from ACT. The report also suggests that students believe they have many positive things to look forward to despite the challenges and stress of the pandemic.

High school students were generally optimistic about the future, with an average rating of 4.01 on a 1-to-5 scale, aligned with the scale’s “high” chances category, and more than 80 percent of students reporting high levels of optimism that their lives would turn out well over all.

Black students had higher estimated chances of experiencing future outcomes, on average, than did students in other racial/ethnic groups. Irrespective of family income, Black students reported the highest estimates, on average, of the chances of having a better life than their parents had or of their children having a better life than they have had.

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