In Ableton Live, learn how to create intelligent dance music

In Ableton Live, learn how to create intelligent dance music

Using Ableton Live, learn how to create intelligent dance music (IDM).

What you’ll learn

In Ableton Live, learn how to create intelligent dance music

  • Learn to use Ableton Live to produce thought-provoking dance music.
  • Acquire knowledge about Ableton Live.
  • Understand music theory.
  • Find out how to make dance music.


  • Ableton Live, or use the website’s trial.


Intelligent dance music is an experimental type of electronic music that combines elements of techno and dance music with complex rhythmic patterns and unusual melodic motifs.

Five-Star Ratings

1. Randy

Omar has extensive knowledge of the music industry and a wealth of experience as a DJ. He is helpful in every way and provides clear explanations of concepts. A wonderful session all around.

2. Brett

Omar is a skilled producer as well as a DJ.

3. Harry

Omar altered my perspective on Ableton. Anyone trying to build their profile, enhance their productivity, or become an Ableton master has my highest endorsement! Big up

4. Sam

Omar was really motivating and helpful. Under his guidance, I’m eager to keep making strides toward a career in music.

5. Jamie

is a person with extensive expertise in the music business who is knowledgeable in all fields, including production, marketing, and distribution. I get useful knowledge and guidance that advances my profession from every course. I’m grateful. Omar

6. Kyle

Omar is a highly skilled and well-rounded DJ who is familiar with a broad range of musical genres. He has significantly improved my mixing in only a few short weeks. I also anticipate receiving his future advice about music creation and self-promotion. Overall, under his direction, I have advanced greatly.

7. David

Omar has extensive experience in music creation. More significantly, he has a lot of time-saving skills, which is advantageous since time can be used to save money. Because you’ll be able to create much more swiftly, you’ll be able to recoup your expenses. With Omar, you may save both time and money.

Shannon 8.

Omar is a dependable instructor. I currently DJ on the radio because of the lessons he gave me. He is highly knowledgeable and competent.

Yasmin 9.

Omar is a dependable tutor since he is always on time and is extremely understanding of his students. He gave me some helpful pointers and tactics, as well as assistance with getting my production up and running and familiar with the tools I use.

Nicole 10.

Omar is an excellent teacher and an enthusiastic DJ who taught me everything from how to set up my decks, use transitions, and determine my tempo to how to produce my own music and find record companies. He has my full endorsement.

Develop your skills in music production.

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