Judge Orders North Idaho to Reinstate Its President

A judge on Friday ordered North Idaho College to reinstate its president, Nick Swayne, who was placed on administrative leave without cause in December, The Spokesman-Review reported.

“The board’s majority has wrongfully locked its captain in the brig while steering NIC toward an iceberg,” State Judge Cynthia Meyer, wrote in granting a preliminary injunction to Swayne. “The board’s decision to keep him on leave without cause is hostile and arbitrary,” Meyer wrote, adding “it appears that the investigation [into Swayne] is a sham and a pretext for Dr. Swayne’s removal from his position as president.”

The board hired Greg South as interim president. However, the court found that nothing in South’s contract demonstrates that NIC intended him be an interim placement. South’s contract runs “at least until June 30th, 2024, unless terminated” and does not mention the possibility of Swayne being reinstated.

North Idaho College is facing a show cause letter from its accreditor, and widespread anger over Swayne’s dismissal and other issues.

The board of North Idaho has a meeting today at which it is expected to respond.

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Judge Orders North Idaho to Reinstate Its President
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