Learn JavaScript Game Development for Newbies

Learn JavaScript Game Development for Newbies

Building fun video games from scratch is a great way to learn about contemporary JavaScript and TypeScript.

What you’ll learn

Learn JavaScript Game Development for Newbies

  • For all of the necessary elements and ideas for contemporary JavaScript programming,
  • You can create 2D games with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Practice and implement object-oriented programming.
  • Javascript game development training.
  • Study Typescript and Webpack.
  • Variables, functions, objects, and arrays are the key concepts.


  • Any programming language knowledge
  • The basics of using a web browser


The issue of how effective it is for such jobs arises now that JavaScript can be used to create games.

Of course! Depending on the kind of game you want to design, JavaScript is a terrific language to use. JavaScript works well for web-based and mobile games. It’s also a great language for beginners to learn because it’s easy to understand and gives you access to a lot of libraries and modules.

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If playing games in a browser or on a mobile device is what you want, JavaScript is a great choice.

JavaScript was used to create a number of well-known online games. Students who wish to make JavaScript games may get started by following one of the following examples:

  • Tower Building is a fantastic entry point for JavaScript games.
  • In the early 2000s, Bejeweled was developed as an in-browser game. You must match three gems in a row to gain points, much like in Candy Crush.
  • In the addictive game 2048, you may move tiles around in a grid using the arrow keys.
  • A 3D game called Polycraft is accessible via your browser. Adventure, exploration, base-building, collecting, crafting, and even warfare abound in Polycraft. It’s a great illustration of how Javascript may help you go beyond 2D games.

See for yourself how enjoyable and gratifying the process of creating games using JavaScript can be. A few of the projects we’ll be working on in this course are as follows:

  1. Although this is a well-known android game, the concept of having the car climb hills never gets old on the internet. To create this game, we used a variety of ideas, including webpack and physics components from the phaser library.
  2. Platformer 2D: We’ll learn a lot about sprites and how to use them in our games. Players and the map (environment) will be entirely original creations.
  3. The basics of the Phaser library involve making different tools for loading animations, following the camera, and loading pictures.

I had fun developing this course. I hope learning is enjoyable for you as well. I’ll see you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • Newbie web development students with little to no prior knowledge of JavaScript

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