Learn JavaScript & NodeJS (and Build a Cryptocurrency Bot)

Simple and practical for newbies. You can learn how to code by making a bot that sends crypto price alerts to your phone.

What you’ll learn

Learn JavaScript & NodeJS (and Build a Cryptocurrency Bot)

You’ll learn how to code from scratch while building a program that sends cryptocurrency price alerts to your cell phone.
Starter course: Short and dynamic to build your confidence and understanding before you think about paying for longer courses.
Learn real-world skills so you can become a self-sufficient developer who can learn new things, fix code, and build projects on his or her own (with third party services).
The basics of JavaScript include the console, variables, arithmetic, functions, if/else, arrays, objects, loops, strings, asynchronous programming, promises, and many other things, too.
Basics: setting up, node package manager, installing and importing dependencies.
An overview of HTML and CSS, as well as the Document Object Model (DOM).
How to find code issues and solutions that will help you solve your code problems.
You need to know how to use third-party services and APIs to make your projects more complicated (e.g. integrating Twilio API to send text messages).
Animations that show how to code are used to teach the basics.


If you don’t know how to write code, you can start from the beginning.
Basic math skills (only addition and subtraction).
A computer with the internet (any operating system is fine).


You’ll learn how to code in both JavaScript and NodeJS in this short, hands-on course. You’ll also learn how to make a cool crypto-based project that could help you make money.

Suitable for anyone who is completely new to cryptocurrency or for people who like it.

In what ways is this course different from the other online courses that you can take?

A lot of attention is paid to helping you become your own developer. If you take this class, you won’t just learn how to code for fun. During this class, you will learn how to do effective research and how to use third-party services so that you can learn and build your own projects on your own.
This class has a unique focus on cryptocurrency and programming. You’ll learn how to code in a way that’s relevant to new technology.
Build something that isn’t just a simple flash game, calculator, or local website. It should be something that can help you in some way.
A look at both JavaScript and NodeJS (many courses only just cover one of them).
Simple and clean animations are used to show how things work. Not just a list of things to say.
A maximum of 90 minutes can be spent at a time. This course can help you think about whether to take more classes.

What’s the next thing?

This course isn’t over. Keep going even after you finish it. There are many ways to improve the bot. Ideas could be:

To make the bot more useful, you can add more crypto coins and their prices.
Add more text to the message.
Getting the bot to run every x minutes is how you can do this.
Hosting the program on a serverless hosting service like AWS Lambda will make it run 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about it stopping.
Create a way for the bot to talk to you.
More complicated logic should be added to the game (i.e. compare coin prices against trends, other metrics, etc).

Who this course is for:

They are people who have never used JavaScript (or any other programming language) before.
Beginners who want to try out a short but useful and productive coding class before they spend money on more coding education.
If you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to code by working on a real-world project, not just a game or a calculator, this is the class for you.
Beginners who want to learn how to build things rather than just code for the sake of it.
Cryptocurrency fans who want to start from scratch and build an automated crypto price alert system from the ground up.
People who are intermediate or advanced JavaScript or NodeJS programmers who want to learn how to use Twilio services.
Everyone wants to learn JavaScript and how it works.
There is something for everyone who wants to learn more about cryptocurrency

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