Learning the Stock Market: Ideas for International Students

Learning the Stock Market: Ideas for International Students

For a thorough introduction to stock trading, investment, and the stock market. A basic course appropriate for international students

What you’ll learn

Learning the Stock Market: Ideas for International Students

  • A thorough knowledge of trading and investing in the stock market.
  • Shareholders, capital, and a company’s capital structure are all concepts.
  • Share knowledge of share pricing for IPOs and FPOs at face value, book value, and market price.
  • The concepts of profit, dividend, and expansion
  • The main and secondary markets, as well as how trading is conducted.
  • Depository, Depository Participant, or Clearing House requirements
  • How do I start investing and how do I place an order to purchase or sell?
  • The many market participants and the volatility of stock prices
  • The difference between a trader and an investor
  • Hedger, The Arbitrator, and other participants
  • Fundamental analysis is a broad term that includes things like financial statements, ratios, and other criteria for stocks.
  • The general idea behind technical indicators, candlestick charts, and technical analysis is that
  • The idea of hedging and derivatives such as futures and options


  • There are no prerequisites since we will start with the very fundamentals. All you need is a keen interest in trading or investing in the stock market.


Without having a fundamental grasp of the stock market, people often trade in shares and derivatives like futures, options, call options, put options, and even algo trading.

According to the teacher, when individuals invest and trade without sufficient understanding, they suffer losses. They hesitate to study because they believe the topic to be too complex and dangerous.

Along with investors and traders, Section 2, “Know the Market Players and How They Play,” introduces students to other market participants such as arbitrators, hedgers or hedge funds, institutional investors, FIIs, DIIs, HNIs, business news outlets, analysts, panels, and speculators. The objectives and goals of these stakeholders, as well as how they affect the stock price, are made crystal clear to the pupils.

In Section 3, “Know the Parameters and Rules of the Game,” you’ll learn about things like fundamental analysis, financial statements, ratios, other stock characteristics, candlestick patterns, technical indicators, technical analysis, the meaning of derivatives, etc.

In this course, you will learn the basics of things like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and day trading.

Learning the Stock Market: Ideas for International Students Coursewit.com

After completing this course, students will have a thorough grasp of the stock market. People can start trading and investing with this information, and with time and experience, they can become skilled traders and investors.

The disclaimer that this is simply an instructional course should be noted by students. Financial risk is a component of stock market trading and investing. Before trading or investing, students should do their homework and develop risk-management skills.

This course covers more than simply the US stock market, the Indian stock market, or popular stock market indexes like the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, or Sensex. Instead, it is a broad lesson that applies to all stock markets worldwide.

A Legal Disclaimer

The only goal of this course is education.

Financial risk is associated with stock market trading and investing. Before making any investments or engaging in stock market trading, the course’s participants are urged to exercise caution. Any loss to anyone caused by this course in any way is not the responsibility of the teacher or any entity associated with this course or its materials.

Who this course is for:

  • Those wishing to begin stock market trading or investing should.
  • Those who have already traded or invested money but are losing it due to a lack of knowledge.
  • college and university freshmen for their understanding of the capital market.
  • young professionals who must make prudent financial decisions.
  • This is something that students of business, finance, and management should do to learn more about their fields.
  • Students who want to learn more about the topic take professional courses in finance, such as CFA, CA, MBA, etc.

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