Leveling Up Your Reiki Practice with Reiki Revival

Leveling Up Your Reiki Practice with Reiki Revival

Bring back your love for Reiki, get closer to your inner self, and gain the confidence you need to teach Reiki to others.

What you’ll learn

Leveling Up Your Reiki Practice with Reiki Revival

  • Rekindle your enthusiasm for Reiki and give your practice fresh vitality.
  • This strengthens the connection between Reiki and your inner self.
  • Learn new meditation methods and techniques to add to your toolbox for healing.
  • Gain knowledge of keeping a secure place for healing for both oneself and others.
  • Learn how to protect yourself, improve your intuition, and show empathy in your personal or professional life.
  • Learn more about Usui Reiki’s method in-depth and get the answers to the questions you’ve always had.
  • Think about why you wanted to learn Reiki in the first place, and use your life experiences and hard-earned knowledge as inspiration.
  • Discover Reiki as a basis for life and a spiritual path—not that it’s only a technique for palm healing!
  • Get rid of impostor syndrome. Have faith in your skills and brush up on your understanding of the Reiki method.
  • The untold Mikao Usui narrative and the forgotten mystical elements that shaped the Reiki system
  • Learn more about how the healing process works.


  • Reiki practitioners at all levels, including Reiki Master/Teachers and Reiki 1 pupils, as well as practitioners of both the Eastern and Western schools of Reiki,


For Reiki practitioners of all levels and from both Eastern and Western traditions, there is Reiki Revival.

This course will restore your power, answer common questions that practitioners have, and strengthen your connection to Reiki and the True Self, whether you are a new Master/Teacher, have been practicing Reiki for a long time, have stopped, or don’t have the confidence to share your healing hands with the world.

The course, which is divided into three modules with brief lectures, refreshes the fundamentals of genuine Usui Reiki and promotes growth in both personal and professional spheres by showing you simple methods to incorporate Reiki into every aspect of your life. It gives advice and comfort while debunking many of the myths about Reiki and New Age healing.

Although it is simple to get certified, there are several courses available that teach the fundamentals of Usui Reiki but none that assist, nurture and inspire Reiki practitioners in their continuous practice. Many Reiki practitioners can stop practicing if they don’t get pastoral care when their intuition develops and they begin to feel disheartened, overburdened, or even terrified.

Reiki practitioners may learn all they need to know through Reiki Revival. It will help Reiki students, practitioners, and Master/Teachers breathe new life, hope, and confidence into their work.

Here is what to anticipate:

First Unit: The Basis

We’ll journey back to Mount Kurama in 1922, where it all began, and recount the life of Mikao Usui, the man who created Usui Reiki. It is a tale of emotional liberation, humility, and mild rebellion. A tale of recovery!

We’ll examine the original kanji for Reiki to see what it implies in terms of an antiquated notion. The Reiki principles and associated therapeutic mantras will then be covered once again.

The Sacred Self is Unit 2.

Everything starts with you! We will talk about Reiki as a spiritual path, and I will lead you through Reiki meditations and simple ways to connect with and heal yourself, such as chanting (Reiki sound vibrations) and learning how to find your healing voice.

We’ll talk about how long we’ve been using Reiki, impostor syndrome, and how important it is that our own sacred traumas brought us here.

Unit 3 of Reiki in Action

We consider distributing Reiki for the benefit of everyone as a whole. We talk about how to create a safe environment that is aware of trauma and how to use our natural empathy and intuitive growth to speed up the healing process.

When we help others, we also think about our own safety and the healing process as a whole.

I’m really excited to greet you!

Who this course is for:

  • Reiki practitioners in both Eastern and Western traditions, at all stages of their Reiki development, from novice to Master/Teacher.
  • Those seeking inspiration to pick up their practice again after taking a long break from Reiki practitioners
  • Reiki practitioners are pursuing growth on both a personal and professional level.

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