Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly WVD) Course

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly WVD) Course

Using the Azure Virtual Desktop for the first time (AVD)

What you’ll learn

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly WVD) Course

  • Terminology and Versions of the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Overview
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) components
  • The requirements for installing Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
  • Prerequisites for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Overview
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Host Pool
  • Active Directory Domain Services Overview
  • Active Directory and networking
  • How to Set Up a Virtual Desktop in Azure to Support Remote Applications (AVD)
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Setup Fees (AVD) for Cloud Lab
  • Deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) LAB
  • To configure Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), create an Azure AD Custom Domain.
  • The Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) LAB should be created. VNet.
  • For the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) LAB, deploy an Azure server.
  • Windows AD should be set up to enable AVD LAB for Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • To enable Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), update VNet DNS and install Azure AD Connect.
  • AVD Portal Deployment Overview
  • Resource Groups and Workspaces for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
  • Logging into Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for Testing and Setting Application Group Permissions
  • An Overview of Remote Application Publishing on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop’s Application Groups (AVD)
  • Creation of Application Groups
  • FSLogix for User Profiles Overview
  • Configure the FSLogix User Profiles
  • Overview of Azure Files
  • Setup Azure Files
  • Group Policy configuration object for FSLogix


  • basic understanding of Azure resources sure compute, Azure network and Azure storage are all available.
  • comprehension of the fundamental ideas and technology of virtual desktops


This training turns you into an AVD hero, from someone with little to no expertise.

The course starts by going over the basics of AVD, then moves on to setting up and managing the AVD environment.

Find out more about Windows Virtual Desktop, a remote desktop service from Microsoft that runs on Azure.

In this course, you will learn about AVD, Microsoft’s brand-new remote desktop service housed in Azure. Without the upfront capital costs associated with growing on-premises VDI systems, Azure Virtual Desktop enables on-demand scalability of remote desktop sessions. If you want to prepare for the AZ-140 Configuring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop test, this course is a great choice.

By the end of this course, you will be able to publish Remote Desktops and Remote Applications as well as install and manage an Azure Virtual Desktop ARM Host Pool with a Windows 10 Multi-user OS.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn how to deploy and configure the virtual desktop and remote working solutions on Microsoft Azure will work with architects, administrators, or IT professionals looking to advance their careers by acquiring the practical knowledge and abilities necessary to manage Azure Virtual Desktop projects.
  • Those looking for Microsoft Certification: You can study for the AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty exam with this course as a guide.
  • Those who desire to broaden the range of their prospects by exploring new fields and developing new talents.


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