Learn Python By Doing:Build 4 Real World Django Applications free course

In this python free course go From Beginner To Expert In Python Web Development: Step By Step Develop Real Django Applications with SQLite, Tkinter

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how using frameworks like Django will save you a ton of time in web development
  • Learn how to use Python in Web Development
  • Improve your web development and coding resume
  • Become a professional Python Developer
  • Understand various Django Functions
  • Python Project On Learning Management System with Django
  • Python Project On Student Portal, Study Group
  • Python Project Productivity Tracker Application


  • Knowledge Of Python

 Python free course Description

The most appealing characteristic of Python is that it is an interpreted language. Interpreted languages are the programming languages that do not need to be compiled to run. An interpreter can run python code on any kind of computer, by itself. This means the programmer can quickly see the results, if or when they need to modify the code. On the flip side, this also means that Python is slower than a compiled language like C. And that is because it is not running on a machine code directly.

  • Because Python is an interpreted language, testing small snippets of code and moving them between different platforms is quite simple. Since Python is compatible with most of the operating systems, it is used universally, in a variety of applications.
  • Python is considered a beginners’ programming language. As it is a high-level language, a programmer can focus on what to do instead of how to do it. This is one of the major reasons why writing programs in Python takes less time than in other programming languages.
  • Because Python is similar to English, many find it easier to learn than other programming languages. Developers can read and remember the Python syntaxes much easier than other programming languages.
  • Since Python supports scripting as well, it can be used to build large, commercial applications. The main factor behind Python’s popularity in the IT world is its reliability. Being a high-level programming language, Python lets the user focus on the core functioning of the application. Meanwhile, the common programming tasks are handled by the language itself.

Now you can probably see why Python is one of the most favored programming languages by developers, data scientists, software engineers, and hackers! And the key factors behind its diverse userbase are flexibility, versatility, and object-oriented features. This is also why Python is used in complex fields like Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science (DS).

Who this free udemy course is for:

  • Beginners In Python


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