Report: Antisemitic Incidents on Campuses Increased 41%

A new report from the Anti-Defamation League found that antisemitic incidents on campuses increased by 41 percent in 2022.

That is greater than the 36 percent increase in incidents in the United States.

Of the 219 campus incidents, 127 were incidents of harassment, 90 were incidents of vandalism and 2 were assaults. Some 33 percent of the campus incidents included swastikas.

“Acts of vandalism on campus included the desecration of mezuzot (small ritual items that some Jews affix to the doorframe of their homes) in residence halls, as well as antisemitic messages such as ‘Jews did 9/11,’ ‘Kanye was right,’ ‘Hitler’ and ‘Fuck Israel’ in academic and residential halls.”

The report added, “In addition to the 219 incidents that took place on college campuses, 25 incidents occurred at Hillels. Hillels are centers of campus Jewish life…. Hillel-related antisemitic incidents add to an environment of fear for Jewish students on campus.”

The ADL did not count resolutions calling for a boycott of Israel as antisemitic, the report said, “because they do not target individuals. However, these are antisemitic and contribute to the pressures faced by Jews on campus.”

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