Strength of material OR Mechanics of solid

Strength of material OR Mechanics of solid

Learn the basics of the strength of materials or the mechanics of solids so that you can do well in school and in competitive exams.

What you’ll learn

Strength of material OR Mechanics of solid

Good understanding of SOM – The strength of the material they study in school.
Understanding of things like beams, the stress-strain relationship, stress components, elastic constants, and a lot of other things.


Mechanical or civil engineering is a good start.
Understand how stress and strain work.


This class is only for people who don’t know a lot about the basics. They want to teach young people about the basic idea behind how strong a piece of material is by giving them these 7-8 talks. Stress-strain relationship, true stress, and strain, elastic constants, Bending and shearing stress, Beams, and many more are covered. There is also a bonus lecture with important formulas and tips.

Because this is an old course, the sound isn’t very good.

Who this course is for:

In mechanical engineering, you can get a BE/B Tech or a diploma.
Become a BE/B-Tech or get a diploma in civil engineering.
Mechanics and civil engineers are two types of people who work as teachers.


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