University’s Facebook Page Is Hacked

The Facebook page of Thomas More University, a Roman Catholic institution in Kentucky, has been hacked. Instead of news from the university, the site has since Friday featured photographs of women with messages such as, “Can’t sleep without someone to cuddle with” or “I just rented a room that can accommodate 2 people but I’m alone so if you’re looking for a place to stay hit me up.”

The university responded by creating a new Facebook page and posting this message: “The Thomas More University Facebook account Thomas More University was hacked. The university is doing everything we can to contact Facebook to help us resolve this issue and regain control of our page. In the meantime, we have developed this Facebook page Thomas More University so that our community can continue to interact with us on this social network platform and so that we can dispute the other page’s activity under our name. Of course we are frustrated by the incident, but we ask for your patience and grace as we work through this challenge.”

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