Virginia Commonwealth Pays $1M to Settle Hazing Suit

Virginia Commonwealth University will pay $995,000 to the family of Adam Oakes, who died last year in a hazing incident, the Associated Press reported.

The agreement also requires the university to make additional changes to its fraternity and sorority life to discourage hazing. In the future, VCU students must complete 12 credit hours before joining a fraternity or sorority.

“This is a blueprint to foster a safer and healthier community for students who are part of fraternities and sororities and to create a climate of respect and inclusion that is needed for academic success,” said a joint statement of the university and the family.

Oakes, 19,  had received a bid to the Delta Chi fraternity, was told to drink a large bottle of whiskey in February 2021. The freshman was found dead the next morning.

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Virginia Commonwealth Pays $1M to Settle Hazing Suit
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