VMware vSphere 7 ESXi and vCenter Administration Training

VMware vSphere 7 ESXi and vCenter Administration Training

In this tutorial, we describe VMware. What advantages are there? How to use it

What you’ll learn

VMware vSphere 7 ESXi and vCenter Administration Training

  • Find out what vCenter, ESXi, and VMware vSphere are.
  • VMware component installation and configuration
  • How to Create and Configure a Virtual Machine (VM)
  • How to set up outstanding vCenter features like vMotion, DRS, and HA
  • Learn how to set up VMware’s network and storage components
  • Among many other things.


  • Fundamental knowledge of IT administration and maintenance, as well as what a computer network is.


Administration of VMware vSphere ESXi and vCenter

We’ll give you an introduction to VMware in this course and go through how to set up VMware vSphere, including ESXi and vCenter. We’ll also go over how you can start creating and setting up your own virtual machines!

This course will provide you with the skills you need to get going and serve as a helpful resource as you continue to learn about VMware.

This course will give you the foundation you need, especially for the VMware vSphere environment, to get that IT job, get a promotion, or improve your current tech skills, whether you are new to IT or have been working in technology for a while.

Do I have to have expertise?

No, this course is for students who want to learn more about virtualization technology in general and VMware in particular. They may be just starting out in their careers in technology, or they may already be familiar with some infrastructure technology.

Anyone who wants to understand VMware and get better at it should start with this.

Why this course?

This course will provide you with an overview of the essential IT Server skills you need to know and will be simple to grasp.

Want to become a VMware, virtualization, or systems administrator? Already working in IT? The VMware virtualization technology must be understood. Many small, medium and big businesses utilize VMware, so if you want to work in IT, you should learn all you can about it.

Who this course is for:

  • IT support for system administrators, engineers, and administrators 
    IT managers or IT professionals

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