WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding

WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding

With WordPress SEO training and no coding, you can learn the WordPress website skills you need to launch and expand your online business.

What you’ll learn

WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding

  • This WordPress training course is designed for beginners who don’t want to learn how to code and only want to use WordPress for their business.
  • Get Past The Confusion Of Various WordPress “Look” Dashboards, Understand What Everything Is, And Learn How To Use It!
  • Create pages and articles that are optimized for SEO and, most importantly, understand when to utilize each one since this might be complicated!
  • Learn how and why to use categories and tags for better search engine rankings, as well as the distinctions between the two!
  • With WordPress Plugins, you can easily increase the functionality of your website. What matters most is: where can you locate them?
  • Learn about the many homepage types, from static to blog, how to utilize them, and some great tips!
  • Do you know about responsive websites? Allow me to show you how to make this a reality for your new site by utilizing beautifully designed WordPress themes!
  • Show how your website looks on desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, the iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, and other devices.
  • Discover how to use WordPress like an expert. This is a crucial skill for successful search engine optimization and content website traffic.
  • Make WordPress as efficient as possible to make it fly.
  • Bid Farewell to Potential Hackers and Spammers With These Clever Security Techniques!
  • Let me give you the lowdown on WordPress so you can use it effectively and understand it.


  • This is not for you if you want to be a techie or a developer!
  • You don’t need to be an expert in WordPress.
  • I’ll take care of everything!
  • You Must Have Internet Access and a Computer to Complete This Training!


WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding – Are any or all of these statements true?

1. You’re tired of how things are going or your earnings thus far.

2. You’re tired of investing in classes just to learn that you were simply given a brief overview of what was required of you?

3. Do you believe that training is overly complicated?

4. You are now ready to investigate your best options for 2023 and beyond.

Being given knowledge that is too difficult and losing faith in your trainer are two things that hold back a lot of individuals, particularly when they are just starting.

My Obligation to You:

I, Ciaran Doyle, pledge to walk you through the process of creating a WordPress website.

Squash the ambiguity, annoyance, and bewilderment while

I’ll demonstrate several low-tech approaches to help you accomplish your tasks.

achieving more outcomes without incurring greater costs.

During the course, nobody will make an effort to sell you anything.

So, if you’re looking for the last bit of inspiration to succeed, you’ve come to the correct spot.

WordPress may be a ton of fun, and it’s even better when you can make money with it.

And I’ll demonstrate how to accomplish it for you now.

To build on WordPress and show you the key steps you need to know to run a variety of online businesses,

1. In this WordPress lesson, I’ll show you how to create sites that look great from scratch, even though I’m not a designer.

2. Learn about WordPress in the simplest non-technical “technical” way possible.

3. Get a lot of free traffic from search engines (like this one), and

4. Transform your ideas into profitable and engaging WordPress blogs.


WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding

If you’re not computer savvy, what then?

The following is the reality of creating a new WordPress website:

1. “No expertise is required.”

2. To build a fantastic WordPress site, write excellent WP content, and attract hordes of people, you don’t need any prior experience.

3. You don’t have to be a computer whiz, a college or even a high school grad to use this.

4. You can also do this without spending thousands of dollars on so-called specialists. (This is crucial for this instruction.)


Why did you choose this WordPress course over others?

This WordPress training, however, is based on a WordPress system that I use in my own company and that works and shines online.

Everything you will see has been tried and tested and put through genuine real-world experience, so you can start using it straight away and shorten your learning curve.

The more often you do this, the more solid and comprehensive your understanding of WordPress will be.

In addition to showing you how to use WordPress, I’ll also educate you on how to think about it.

It’s true,

This WordPress course is about getting a good understanding of how to use WordPress without being an expert.

developer or designer.

without being very tech-savvy and just plain

What you’re capable of accomplishing as a technophobe

instead of what will just cause your brain to erupt.


Many individuals advocate for glossing over the details, giving the task to Upwork so a designer can do it, etc.

This does work, but as you’ve probably already found out, hiring people is a pain.

To begin with, if you only hire people to construct your WordPress website,

You don’t even understand what constitutes quality work?

or even what is truly required for your website to function properly.

They don’t perform it properly nine times out of ten.

Lack of WordPress knowledge results in overcharging, subpar work, and unusable websites!


WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding

Did you realize it?

You only have 0.05 seconds to create an impact on visitors to your website before they depart and are likely to never return. (Yes, that took only 50 ms.)

Now imagine your website becoming sluggish…

The majority of WordPress sites are slow, which means that prospective clients may never even notice your website since it takes so long to load.

Guess what follows that?

They go and search elsewhere!

Your website is only “one” of the many available options.

You need to learn how to fix these problems quickly on your own so that your WordPress site is immediately easier to use.

A website that loads faster is easier to use, which means it will get more visitors and grow.

And in the end, it implies more purchases, cash, or signups…

Don’t worry if you’ve previously been a victim of the “gurus” and their excessively complicated training or teachings. Before they came to me, many of my students were experiencing the same problem.

You will thus understand the actual principles of how WordPress works for you and your website for a change!

Your eyes will be opened to the world of WordPress and the internet like never before by the knowledge and detailed instructions!

These are the things that, regardless of your level of technical expertise (because there is NO CODE HERE), WILL work for you and do so much more quickly.

Do you want actual outcomes for a change?

The over-the-shoulder, the step-by-step method will make it simple for you to follow along and make this a reality for you.

Follow my example and I’ll show you how to use WordPress successfully.


How Does This WordPress Training Make It Easy to Work?

There are 13 units in the course.

Part 1: Introduction

It’s all about you and how you can benefit from the training as much as possible.

determining the ideal strategy for this training to get remarkable outcomes,

What will happen to you?

How to get to the heart of your intended creation

How to obtain any answers you may have Finding the essence of the “jargon” used with new software might sometimes be the most difficult step. But with this approach, is simple.

I’ll show you how to choose the best WordPress theme for your new website and where to install it so you can understand the most important parts of your site.

Setting Up a Web Host in Part 2

We will launch your WordPress website immediately.

As I walk you through the whole WordPress website setup, including explanations of each step, from:

With the acquisition of your first domain,

Setting up your hosting (multiple types for you to choose)

Your DNS was changed.

Your SSL requirements

Your WordPress website will, when properly configured using this setup formula:

Savings will be made.

Gain a performance boost for your WordPress website.

Make sure you adhere to search engine guidelines (such as Google’s).

And see how simple it will be to quickly duplicate WordPress websites.

You’ll develop an addiction to building WordPress websites, and the more you do it, the better and simpler it becomes.

You will be able to accomplish it too if you follow along, create your own, and understand the procedure, but you must first learn it.

Part 3-A: An Introduction to WordPress

As a follow-up to the part about setting up a WordPress website, I’m going to show you what your new dashboard looks like.

giving you the ability to know immediately.

What each area is used for

Where to find them

How to locate items you desire.

The ability to use your dashboard effectively will help you get the most out of not just this program but also any WordPress site you develop.

Absent that,

What you see in front of you will seem extremely complicated, and you won’t know where to begin.

The reason I’m conducting this piece is to make sure you have a solid understanding of WordPress so that the subsequent sections will be simple for you to follow. Don’t allow something that is so readily described to confuse you before you begin.

WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding

Because in Module 4 we move on to something very unique…

Part Four

Content is king, as the saying goes.

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But even though it may be king and very important, it is a learned skill.

You do not just immediately become skilled at it.


Not Just the Words You Write Makeup Content…

It depends on how and what you produce when you create things.

It seems

Read after that.

a feeling

So, the secret to creating a fantastic website is knowing how to transform a simple bit of text into something of effortless beauty.

What if I could show you how to use one of the world’s most powerful content creation platforms and…

1. Turn any boring passage of text into a work of art (without any technical or design abilities).

2. Determine the precise procedures you must follow to create properly structured content for your visitors and search engines. 3.

3. Despite having no prior WordPress experience, I was able to create this stunning content.

4. And how to wow your audience with how direct and clingy your material is.

Would you be content with that?

That’s what I have in the Gutenberg section for you, then. You’ll be amazed as you progress from total novice to gold expert!

WordPress Settings, Section 5

Following the Gutenberg part, we go on to the crucial configurations that EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE MUST HAVE!

A few obscure parts need the TIME SCHEDULE, which makes it easier to manage your website.

It’s crucial to understand how to adjust these settings for high-quality WordPress sites.

Make sure the public perceives your website the way you want.

The way you lay up your stuff is exactly how it gets read.

Your website’s visitors browse it the way you intend.

Your comments are taken care of, virtually automatically (if you want them to be).

Additionally, the privacy of your guest is respected.


How to make sure that one of your content needs is set up, working, and ready to be automatically inserted into EVERY PIECE OF CONTENT YOU CREATE BEFORE YOU START MAKING CONTENT!

WordPress Themes and Widgets, Part 6

Okay, so for most people, this one is a BIG DEAL. and that is part of the plan.

What is the cause?

Not all of us are designers.

To be honest, the majority of those who haven’t studied design isn’t particularly good at it.

Even as they make a mint offering their services to uneducated website owners, designers also realize that something dangerous is eying up to take their web design business.

Themes for WordPress, or another way to phrase it,

Graphi-Cal’s WordPress templates from Graphi-Cal eliminate the need for ANY designers!


You may have tried other themes in the past without being successful.

What if I could demonstrate to you how to…

1. Be always aware of where to look for the best website theme.

2. Exactly what you must do to construct the site of your dreams

3. How to delegate 99% of design work to others and…

How to wow your readers with WordPress sites that seem to have cost you a lot of money.

Would you be content with that?

Well, under the themes and widgets area, that’s what I have in store for you.

Important WordPress Plugins in Part 7

A great user experience for your visitors depends on the functioning of your website.

And a fully functional website for you…

However, some websites pay a WordPress developer thousands of dollars to do their task.

In many situations, what you adore on other websites may be done for less money than you would expect.


I do mean it.

What if you were able to handle all the insane development tasks on your own? Do you want to create a website that operates flawlessly?

OF COURSE, WITHOUT WORDPRESS TECH, DEVELOPERS, AND CODING! WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding

WordPress plugins are about to arrive.

A WordPress Plugin is an outside piece of software that makes your website work better.

1. Making your website perform like Usain Bolt (an IMPORTANT factor)

2. With a few simple clicks, you can speed up your WordPress website.

3. ensuring that search engines appreciate each piece of content you produce (resulting in more visitors)

4. protecting your website from malicious hacker attacks, and

5. boost the authority of each page on your website

Your brain will spin with everything that a simple WordPress plugin can achieve, and I’ll demonstrate…

Which WordPress plugins do I use specifically for my company?

To minimize the learning curve,

providing the best plugins for the best setup of your new WordPress websites

The importance of this module is mind-blowing, and the simplicity with which you can find your WordPress plugins will alter the game for you.

WordPress SEO for Website Content Pages and Posts.

Content is king, as the saying goes.

Although that content may be king, Merlin the Wizard is more like the WordPress SEO Optimization of that content!

Using SEO optimization is the secret to

Your content rises to the top of the search results thanks to it.

It floods your WordPress sites with visitors and…

It makes it easier for them to read every word you write.

But shouldn’t learn a talent like that take years?

Yes, that is correct, but

What if you could accelerate the learning of that skill?

What if I could demonstrate to you how

to transform even the dullest sentences into masterpieces that Google will love,

2. Know the exact steps you must take to create content that is understood by both your audience and search engines.3.

Even if you have never created this wonderful WordPress-optimized content before,

Would that simplify using WordPress for you?

Damn, of course, it would! Damn, it would be the absolute icing on the WordPress cake, bar none!

Section 9: Legal Pages

You must also think about the elements that EVERY WEBSITE MUST CONTAIN, such as legal considerations, while building a WordPress website.

This is more for the search engines to see your website as a reliable company than it is for your website’s visitors.

Higher Ranking Chances Are Linked to a More Reputable Appearance!

Making your WordPress website seem to be a reliable, high-quality website that search engines can trust is what this part is all about.

In addition, I’ll provide you with some copy-and-paste templates you may use to do these tasks fast and painlessly!

You will also learn:

Not to be missed are my suggestions for where to get help making your document pages and how to quickly and easily meet all legal requirements.

The 10th part: The HomePage

Once you get here, congratulations. You are now in the first module of constructing your website. In this module, we will look at how to customize your homepage.

You will find that there are a ton of choices available, and you can set them all up and start using them right away.

We’ll start by looking at how important that homepage is to you and how your website is set up.

The creation of several homepage kinds will next be discussed.

How to quickly and visually take the best ideas and claim them, and eventually…

How to make sure all the little, fussy components fit together and function as a whole when you set up your homepage the way you want it to!

You have all the tools you need to build really useful and stunning websites with just what I’ve shown you so far.

But even these lovely websites need a navigation structure that is helpful to both users and search engines, and that is what the following module is all about.

Part 11: Getting Around

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most common reasons users abandon a website they once adored is that they CAN’T FIND WHAT THEY’RE LOOKING FOR.

Yes, bad website navigation harms your search engine rankings and irritates visitors who can’t locate what they’re searching for on your site.

What does a guest who is angry do?

They never returned!

And for something that can be fixed so easily,

In this lesson, we’ll look at the essentials of making outstanding navigation so that your site’s user experience lives up to expectations.

You’ll discover

How to create stylish, personalized menus that point visitors to all of your website’s key pages and categories.

The key to better and more effective navigation is greater visibility for your website online, which translates to more visits.

By following the simple step-by-step instructional tutorials, you can quickly create your own fully functional WordPress website that generates revenue.

WordPress Site Structure: 3 Sites, Part 12

Navigation, widgets, and themes have all been covered.

However, we’re going to go a step farther and drop it.

Depending on what you want your new WordPress site to do, we’ll put it on full blast using the tremendous power of major site structures.

For those of us who like to sprinkle a little bit of stardust on the proceedings, this section of the course is for you.

Are you a WordPress blog owner? Perhaps your strength is in blogging…


Perhaps a WordPress business site is better for what you’re searching for. You have a framework for this once again.

As well as

running a second WordPress Affiliate website…This has a structure as well. It’s critical to highlight the structure’s most crucial pages here.

What do you suppose the search engines do after they are aware of what is crucial?

Yes, they immediately rank those vital sites high in the search results, which is why this part is so crucial.

This section examines three different sorts of websites and the frameworks you must set up to make sure that your site pages get the credit they merit.

We’ll discuss the ideal WordPress blog structure, how to use WordPress for affiliate sites that may generate cash, and how you can develop an outstanding business website. You can count on me to support you in getting your site to the desired state.

And lastly,

Security for WordPress (Part 13)

Imagine, for a minute, losing everything.

If it had not worked!

Someone hacked into your website, changed your passwords, and then silently departed. You might be detained for RANSOM!

Yes, without a doubt, that does happen. True, financial blackmail

On the websites of others!

But not on yours.

No, not with the barrage of security beef I have in store for you.

You will acquire the following practical security techniques in this section:

1. To lessen your possibility of being hacked, automatically protect anything you do online.

2. It gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on the growth and development of your website instead of worrying about security problems that are too complicated.

3. Modify your WordPress websites as necessary to keep hackers out.


You don’t need crazy expensive software, subscription websites, weird gadgets, or to pull out your hair (well, maybe just a little bit)…

With more than 12 hours of downloads and tutorials that are simple to use,

I’ll go over each step-by-step detail with you.

As a consequence, you receive the same outcomes as if I had handled it for you.

Because if you sign up for this training program, I will help you for the rest of your life.

If you need help, I’ll give you my ideas and answers to your questions, but please give me time to respond.


1. If you want really simple instructive training that won’t make you want to rip out your hair,

2. Most importantly, a tried-and-true method for using WordPress most quickly and simply possible, eliminating the learning curve and only providing you with actionable advice.

3. If this is what you’re looking for, then I’m eager to have you join our close-knit group.

devoted to seeing you succeed.

Who this course is for:

  • WordPress website enthusiasts who are new to digital marketing
  • Those in the business world that wish to administer their WordPress sites

WordPress for Novices: Real Nuts & Bolts, No Coding

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